Hudini is a global smart hospitality solutions provider with a comprehensive digital transformation platform for the hospitality industry. Powered by a proprietary middle-ware BUS that leverages DATA and AI, Hudini enables hotels to deploy advanced digital guest engagement through a seamless device agnostic front end to increase guest engagement and hotel revenues.  

 The platform works across all touch points of the guest journey from online booking, mobile check-in and digital room keys to in-room services, communication, check-out and payments. Hudini supports a hotel’s operations in the guest journey from pre-arrival to post-departure. The front end is a customizable and easy-to-use multi-channel user interface on mobile, web, tablet, chat TV etc. 

As the Founder of Hudini, what inspired you to setting up the business?  

It all began with my experience running a software business providing services to the travel industry, predominantly in the airline space and eventually in hotel tech, which gave me valuable insights into the industry and technology landscape. I also travel frequently and stay in hotels, from where I gained the guest perspective.  

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